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Title: 100 FT 14/3 Outdoor Extension Cord - Rubber, Flexible, Triple Outlet, Black Wire with Live Power Light Indicator. 15 Amp

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Easy to handle, flexible like Rubber. This 100' 14/3 extension cord is really made with Rubber jacket (SJEOW TPE), which makes it very different from cheaper vinyl/plastic (SJTW) extension cords.

Our 100 ft extension cord is flexible at any temperature and compared to vinyl wires, it doesn't k

We make extension cords for professionals who need power to get the work done. Not only this 100 foot extension cord is easier to handle, it is also more durable, abrasion, water and oil resistant and it powers up 3 outlets for 3 tools/appliances. No time wasted on unplugging one tool to connect another, use all three at the same time.

Built with 100% Copper Wire inside, rated for 13 Amps, 1675 Watts and will handle heavy duty electrical equipment like a champ.

Safety always first. This extension cord is UL listed for Indoor and Outdoor Applications. On top of that, we offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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