full title: 35M-4400M 4.3 Inch LCD Screen Professional Handheld Simple Spectrum Analyzer Measurement of Interphone Signal see details price: sale price: $ 203.39 Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life. Features: Adopt stm32f407 single-chip microcomputer (main frequency 168M) and 4.3-inch TFTLCD (480*800) color LCD screen. Full aluminum alloy housing and rotary encoder control. USB powered, full English display. Spectrum display range is 35M-4400MHz. Scope of use: walkie-talkie, plaything remote control, 2.4Gwifi. Specifications: Main material: aluminum alloy+metal Color: black Screen size: 4.3 inch Spectrum display range: 35M-4400MHz Input impedance: 50 ohms RBW: 10KHz, 50KHz, 100KHz, 200KHz, 500KHz, a total of 5 gear positions can be adjusted Screen scan points: 700 points Scanning span: 7M (10KHz), 35M (50KHz), 70M (100KHz), 140M (200KHz), 350M (500KHz) dBm range: -80dB~10dB (support manual adjustment of calibration amplitude), the unit does not have an amplifier circuit inside, if you need to measure small signals, you need an external amplifier. Maximum access signal: 10dB Working mode: superheterodyne scanning spectrum analyzer, single scan time is 800ms Item size: 145 * 70 * 30mm / 5.7 * 2.8 * 1.2in Item weight: 200g / 7.1ounce Package size: 300 * 140 * 70mm / 11.8 * 5.5 * 2.8in Package weight: 280g / 9.9ounce Note: 1. This product uses the local oscillator signal and the external test signal to obtain the difference frequency signal, and calculates the amplitude of the external test signal through the detector. Using a high accuracy VCO source, the heterodyne signal frequency can be measured…

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full title: 20W Laser Module DIY Kit 450nm Professional Continuous 5.5W Laser Cutting / Engraving Module Blue Light with TTL / PWM Modulation for Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine CNC DIY Laser Compatible with Arduino see details price: sale price: $ 186.96 Features: Can be used for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, CNC, DIY laser. Original laser diodes, high-quality LD capping technology, ensure service life. Built-in driver board, 40mm threaded copper core with thermal grease compound, temperature sensor, NEJE factory 48 hour 100% power aging test, ensure long time working. New lens, clear focus, not stray light, adjustable focal length. Can carving / cutting MDF, balsa, paper, wood, fabric, plastic, leather, plywood, foam paper, anodized aluminum, etc.(Not suitable for iron or other metal) Specifications: Material: ABS+ aluminum Luminous Color: Blue Section Size: 30 * 30mm / 1.18 * 1.18in Cooling Mode: 40mm copper core + heat sink groove + thermal silicone grease + 15000 rpm cooling fan Adapter Plug: US plug Adapter Input Voltage: AC100~240V UL certification high quality Adapter Output Voltage: DC12V, 2A Can Engrave: MDF/balsa/paper/wood/fabric/plastic/leather/plywood/foam paper/anodized aluminum Can NOT Engrave: Metal/glass/stone/ceramics/PCB/stainless steel/reflective material/ transparent material PWM/Temperature Tester Board Specification: Power Input: DC12V Output: PH2.0 4pin (12V, GND, PWM/TTL, temperature) Mode: 3 modes (off, manual pwm, pwm / ttl in) Temperature Display: Yes PWM Display: Yes Manual PWM Control: Yes Technical Parameters: Module Input: 18-20W Laser Output Power: 5.5W (5500mW) Wavelength: 445-450nm Beam Shape: Dot (focusable) Working Voltage: DC12V TTL&PWM Modulation: YES, compatible with both TTL & PWM modulation Input Voltage: DC12V PWM/TTL Input: DC3.3~12V Input Interface: PH2.0-4Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL,…

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full title: SMART SENSOR -50¡Î390¡ú 12:1 Mini Handheld Digital Non-contact IR Infrared Thermometer see details price: US$26.99sale price: $ 15.89 This digital non-contact infrared thermometer is a reliable industrial temperature measuring gun used to measure the surface temperature of an object safely and quickly in less than a second. Can be widely used in oil and chemical industry, railway, electricity, textile processing, etc. Features: Widely used for measuring the temperature of the object's surface. Safely measure surface temperature of hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contact. Handheld infrared thermometer with high performance and high accuracy. Data hold, switchable laser positioning & 20s auto power off function. Switchable temperature units: Celsius(¡ú) and Fahrenheit(?). Colored digital LCD display, convenient to read the measured data. Low battery indication and laser indication functions. Specifications: Material: ABS Measuring Range: -50¡Î390¡ú(-58¡Î734?) Accuracy: ¡Â2¡ú or ¡Â2% Resolution: 0.1¡ú or 0.1? Repeatability: 1% of reading or 0.1¡ú Response Time: 500ms, 95% response Spectral Response: (8-14)um Emissivity: 0.95 (preset) Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1 Auto-off: 20s Operating Temperature: 0-40¡ú / 32¡Î104? Operating Humidity: 10-95%RH (non-condensing) Storage Temperature: -20¡Î60¡ú / -4¡Î140? Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA battery (NOT included) Item Size: 146 * 70 * 43mm / 5.75 * 2.76 * 1.69in Item Weight: 113g / 3.98oz Package Weight: 150g / 5.28oz Package Size: 21 * 14 * 4.5cm / 8.27 * 5.51 * 1.77in Packing List: 1 * Infrared Thermometer 1 * Manual(English) Note: Industrial infrared thermometer, NOT for humans! see details

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full title: Car Vacuum Cleaner Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Wireless Car Charging Household Handheld High Power Vacuum Cleaner USB charger English see details price: US$38.61sale price: $ 35.39 This vacuum cleaner is an essential car cleaning machine.? 3200Pa Super Suction can help you save energy and time.? Features: Reaches dust you can't normally reach, no other tools needed. Compact?size , handy tools for convenient houseworking. Super strong dust suction power, easy and convenient for dust collection. Can pick up all the dirt and hair from car floor and sits. Multi-functional for cleaning little dust or garbage, dust collection on desk, part of floor, bed, inside a car, etc. Specifications: Color: black Power: 2 * lithium batteries(Included) Suction: 3200PA Working voltage: 100-240V Roating speed:?29000-31000rpm Cable length: 100cm / 39.4in Package size: 355mm*105mm*125mm Package weight: 720g Package List: 1 * Car Vacuum 1 * USB Cable 1 * Long Brush 1 * Short Brush 1 * Fur?Brush 1 * EVA tube see details

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full title: SMART SENSOR Mini Handheld Non-contact LCD Infrared Thermometer -32~550¡øC/-26~1022¡øF see details price: US$39.99sale price: $ 15.49 This LCD digital thermometer can be used to measure temperature conveniently.? Features: Built-in laser pointer for precise measurement. Digital LCD display with backlight for easy reading. Non-contact design to measure temperatures by using IR, which is safe to use. Measuring range: -32~550¡øC/-26~1022¡øF; ¡øC/¡øF unit conversion. Low battery indication and data storage function. Specifications: Brand Name: SMART SENSOR Color: Black + Yellow Material: ABS Plastic Measuring Range: -32~550¡øC/-26~1022¡øF Accuracy: ¡Â2¡øC / ¡Â2% Resolution: 0.1¡øC(0.1¡øF) Response Time and Wave Length: 500ms 8-14©Æm Emissivity: 0.95? D:S: 12:1 Operating Temperature: 0~40¡øC / 32~104¡øF Operating Humidity: 10-95% RH Storage Temperature: -20~60¡øC / -4~140¡øF Storage Humidity: 10-95% RH Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not Included) Item Size: Approx. 14.6 * 9 * 4cm / 5.7 * 3.5 * 1.6in Item Weight: Approx. 132g / 4.7oz Package Size: Approx. 21.3 * 13.5 * 4cm / 8.4 * 5.3 * 1.6in Package Weight: Approx. 163g / 5.7oz Note: Please do not point laser at eye directly. Industrial infrared thermometer, NOT for humans! Package List: 1 * Thermometer 1 * User Manual(English) see details

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full title: Intelligent Electric Soldering Iron PD2.0 QC3.0 Power Supply 30W TS80P see details price: US$196.99sale price: $ 105.99 Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life. Features: TS80P is an upgraded version of TS80 intelligent soldering iron. TS80P is a intelligent electric soldering iron that uses USB Type-C interface and PD2.0/QC3.0 standard power supply. It can be powered by an adapter or power bank that conforms to PD2.0 (12V 2.5A) or QC3.0 (9V 2A) standards. The output power is increased from 18W of the primitive model to a maximum of 30W, and the fastest heating from room temperature to 300¡ú takes only 8 seconds, and the performance is more superior. The housing of the TS80P control end is made of aluminum alloy and integrated with CNC. The structure is compact, ergonomic, beautiful and fashionable, and has a sense of technology. Equipped with OLED display, it is convenient for you to control the status of the soldering iron at any time. The TS80P is equipped with a new easy-push type soldering iron head fastener to provide users with a better holding experience. The soldering iron head can be loosened with a simple push to achieve quick replacement. The built-in STM32 main control chip can intelligently control the temperature rise and fall, and has multiple modes such as sleep, automatic shutdown, and safety protection. The code application layer is open source, you can develop soldering iron firmware according to your needs. The TS80P universal TS80 series soldering iron head adopts…

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full title: 4pcs 65mm Mecanum Wheel Omnidirectional Wheel 2.5-inch Omni Wheels Universal Wheel Smart Car Robot Accessories see details price: sale price: $ 36.81 65mm engineering plastic mecanum wheels include 2 right wheels and 2 left wheels. Each wheel consists of 9 rollers and can be driven independently. These wheels can be moved in any direction without changing the direction of rotation of the wheels. Each of the four wheels contains a series of rollers whose axis of rotation makes a 45¡ø angle to the plane of the wheel. Features: Ominidirectional Wheel: 4pcs omni wheels is able to move straight ahead, turn round, turn of rear axis, etc. By changing the direction of each wheel, the robot cart can be moved and rotated in any direction. Compact Construction: made of high strength environmental friendly materials with smooth surface to assure the movement agility of wheels. TT Motor Coupling Included: equipped with 4pcs couplings for connecting with TT motor. Good Quality: processing by precision molds, thus the wheels are not easy to damage and sturdy enough for load the toy bricks. Applications: apply for mounting on intelligent robotic car, compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY project. Specifications: Material: ABS Quantity: 4pcs Item Size: 65 * 30mm / 2.56 * 1.18in Item Weight: 240g / 8.47oz Package Weight: 280g / 9.90oz Package Size: 20.5 * 14.3 * 4.2cm / 8.07 * 5.63 * 1.65in Packing List: 4 * Wheel 4 * Coupling 4 * Screw 1 * Mini Wrench see details

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full title: 5in Multi-channel Temperature Recorder 8-Channel Temperature Tester Built-in 8G Memory 3 Display Mode History Query Beeper Alarm see details price: sale price: $ 474.57 This multi-channel temperature collector uses 32 bits high speed CPU for data processing and 5 inch industry TFT true color screen. The LCD display supports the input of K J T S R N E B thermocouple. With various display modes, users can read parameters more intuitively. The instrument has perfect functions, superior peormance and simple operation. It an meet the needs of prroduction, labatory research and development measurement. Features: Intuition Reading --- 7in Large TFT color LCD touch screen resolution 800x600, large view angle. 3 type data display mode: Number List, Curve Chart and Column Chart; ¡ú ? K 3-type unite adjustable. The real-time clear display ensure instant reading and got result at a glance, more easy and convenient. Rapid Accuracy & Stable --- Adopt 32-bit high-speed MCU data sampling design, measurement more accurate, faster and more stable. Measure accuracy 0.5¡ú, display resolution 0.1¡ú. Multiple Input Large Capacity & History Query--- Support for multiple sensor input: K J T S R N E B.? Designed with USB interface, support U disk to download copy records, more convenient use. Built-in 8G memory, which can record 64 files at most. Each file can record 60-thousand groups of data. It supports the machine to query the historical curve chart. 8-Channel --- The modular design, convenient for users to expand demand expansion. Each modular has 8 channels, the machine supports up to 32channels (4modules). The voltage difference…

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full title: Modern Simple Fashion Filter Stainless Steel Large Bearing Capacity Bottle Bracket see details price: sale price: $ 45.98 The filter is modern simple style, small size have high-effect, filtering liquid rate is quick. Food grade silica gel liquid tube, health material, safe and no odor. Stainless steel bottle bracket, large bearing capacity, waterproof, durable and wear-resistant.? Features: Modern simple style filter, classcial color matching, high-end. Small size have high-effect, filtering liquid rate is quick.? Food grade silica gel liquid tube, health material, safe and no odor.? Stainless steel bottle bracket, large bearing capacity. Waterproof, durable and wear-resistant.? 2/3/4 hole optional, meets different occasions needs. Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel, ABS Color: Black, White (optional) Hole Quantity: 2, 3, 4 (optional) Package Weight:? ? ?230g / 8.11ounces ? ?324g / 11.43ounces ? ?478g / 16.86ounces Package Size: ? ?195 * 144 * 120mm / 7.68 * 5.67 * 4.72in ? ?300 * 140 * 120mm / 11.81 * 5.51 * 4.72in ? ?400 * 144 * 120mm / 15.75 * 5.67 * 4.72in Packing List: 1 * Filter 1 * Bottle Bracket see details

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full title: 608pcs Drum Sanding Kit Abrasive Sleeve Kit 120 Grit Sandpaper Circle with 3.175mm Rubber Mandrels Drum Mandrels Screwdrivers Sanding Drum and Sleeve Set for Rotary Tool see details price: sale price: $ 26.76 The sanding drum and sleeve kit includes 600pcs abrasive sleeves, 6pcs drum mandrels, and 2 mini screwdrivers. Perfect for rust removing, wood sanding, metal polishing, etc. Features: 600pcs Drum Sanding Kit: 120 grit sanding sleeves for electric grinder, package including 300pcs big one and 300pcs small one. Sand Drum Holders Included: 3.175mm shank for compatible with Dremel or other rotary tools, loosen or tighten the sand drums by adjusting the screw on the top. Good Quality: steel copper sand diamond wool abrasive sleeve is more durable and wear-resisting. Applications: suitable for polishing on metal, amber, model, wood sculpture, root sculpture, etc. Specifications: Material: Steel copper sand diamond wool Sanding Sleeve Size: (H*D) Big: 13 * 14mm / 0.51 * 0.55in Small: 13 * 7mm / 0.51 * 0.27in Drum Mandrels Size: Big: 40 * 13mm / 1.57 * 0.51in??? ? Small: 40 * 6mm / 1.57 * 0.24in ? Shank Diameter: 3.175mm Item Weight: 318g / 11.22oz Package Weight: 434g / 15.31oz Package Size: 25 * 20 * 7cm / 9.84 * 7.87 * 2.76in Packing List: 300 * Big Abrasive Sleeve 300 * Small Abrasive Sleeve 6 * Rubber Drum Mandrels 2 * Screwdriver see details

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