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full title: Kingston Mechanical Keyboard HyperX Alloy Origins Core RGB Gaming Keyboard 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Red Switch

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HyperX red switch brings no-paragraph hand feel, sensitive and accurate operation.

RGB dynamic effect, you can quickly switch between on-board configuration files, and customize a variety of dynamic lighting effects through software to add game atmosphere.

87 keys compact layout, saves desktop space, suitable for professional FPS players.

HyperX NGENUITY professional customized software offers custom settings for personalized dynamic lighting effect, game modes, and macro editing.

Onboard memory can store three sets of custom configuration files for easy using.

Adopt durable aluminum alloy shell, integrated translucent characters are clear and wear resistant, and the range of the key cap is close to the fingertips, comfortable and smooth touch feeling.

The removable anti-wear and anti-pull cable is adopted to further improve the portability of the keyboard and make it more convenient to use.


Name: Mechanical keyboard

Model: Alloy Origins Core

Number of keys: 87

Switch type: HyperX Red/HyperX Aqua(optional)

Backlight: RGB LED

Cable: Detachable USB Type-C cable

Item size: 36 * 13.25 * 3.45cm /14.17 * 5.22 * 1.36in

Item weight: Approx. 900g /31.75oz

Packing list:

1 * Keyboard

1 * Cable

1 * User manual

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