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full title: Lixada Bicycle Cycling Thread Type Bottom Bracket Aluminum Alloy BB Crank Set Bearing Axis Parts

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price: US$52.78
sale price: $ 29.36

This thread type bottom bracket will provide you an easy and smooth riding experience.


For 66-73mm bottom bracket shell and 24mm crank shaft.

Thread type BB fit for mountain bike, and thread type is 1.37*24T.

Sealed ceramic bearing provide smooth rotation.

Aluminum alloy construction for long service time.


Material: Aluminum alloy & PP

Color: Black / Red (optional)

Model: Ceramic bearing

Total length of BB: 98mm / 3.9in

Inner diameter of BB: 24mm / 0.9in

Outer diameter of BB: 41mm / 1.6in

Weight of BB: 104-107g / 3.7-3.8oz

Package weight: 109-113g / 3.8-4.0oz

Package list£º

1 * Bottom Bracket

3 * Gasket

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