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title: Oldtown Farmhouse Rustic Barn Vintage Bronze Metal & Solid Wood Noiseless Big Oversized Wall Clock (X-Large 24-inch)

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  • Rustic metal frame; Natural solid wood spruce - Due to crafted nature of this product, actual color may vary slightly due to natural wood grain variations : no two clocks will be identical. This clock is also perfect for DIYers or hobbyist : the wood can be disassembled to re-sand and re-stained to your preference color!

  • 100% silent noiseless non-ticking with see-through gears movement design. Please check gears movement after putting battery to check if clock is working, there will be no ticking sound.

  • AA battery required (not included)

  • High quality quartz movement --> Lifetime Warranty

  • Clock diameter: 24-inches (60cm) x 1-inch thick

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