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full title: Portable Air Cooler 3 Wind Speed Atomizing Humidifier Cooling Fan

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This air cooler will give you a comfortable and cool space by providing a breeze, it has strong cooling capacity. It produces instant cooling with 3 speeds, it will be your favorite present in hot summer. ??


Effective cooling, so that you feel comfortable and cool in the summer.

Moisten fine mist, micron-level small water droplets in the air, can moisturize the skin.

350ml large capacity water-tank design, can moisten the whole day.

Low noise, more comfortable experience.

Three-speed wind speed, one-button adjustment, to meet diverse needs.

First speed (breeze humidification), second speed (fresh air feeling), third speed (strong cooling).

60¡øwide angle adjustment, air-outlet can be adjusted up and down.

It can be used as a mobile phone stand by placing the mobile phone between the toy and the steering wheel.


Item type: Cooling Fan

Material: ABS

Nominal voltage: 5V2A

Water-tank capacity: 350ml

Aerosolized amount: 58-87.5ml/h

Spray duration: 4-6h

Power-supply mode: USB(Type-C) input

Package weight: 1050g/2.31pounds

Package size: 220*215*185mm/8.66*8.46*7.28inches

Packing List:

1 * Cooling fan

1 * User manual?

1 * USB cable

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