Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron by VOLOOM


30-day Trial Period; 1-year product warranty
Gives the appearance of greater hair volume to medium to long length, fine hair, thinning hair or layered hair
Eliminates the need for costly blowouts and hair styling products such as volumizing sprays, gels and mousses that weigh hair down
Hair volumizing iron that is designed specifically to give you lasting hair volume, so you can extend the amount of time between shampoos and colorings
Our hair iron has alternating beveled platforms that create volume pockets in the under layers of hair

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VOLOOM is a revolutionary new kind of hair iron that is specifically designed to add lasting volume to your medium to long length hair.
It only takes a few minutes to pump up your hair’s volume with VOLOOM, and your new volumized hair style will last for days!