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full title: Professional Electric Drill Machine

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Equipped with quick?loading mechanism, our products are designed for fine quality nail polishing work, it can be used for all kinds of nail art polishing. It's professional and portable. You can have a try.


1. 0-30000r adjustable, you can choose the speed you want for different usage.

2. The clamping is more reliable with a quick?mechanical clamping method.

3. The handle equipped with a special?heat sink and will not cause overheating even used for a long time.

4. The FWD / REV switch can control positive and negative direction.

5. Open the Hand switch,? it will rotate itself,? just turn on / off the switch.

6. Open the Foot switch, connect with the pedal, you need to step the foot pedal, and then it will begin?working.

7. Stable performance, reliable quality and can adapt to different working environment.

8. Elegant and exquisite appearance design, streamlined design fully reflects the concept of ergonomics.

9. Adopts a snap-type sturdy structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading, safe and practical.

10. The traditional system with a special?double shock absorption structure with low vibrating speeds and low noise.

11. It's designed for the polishing of nail, teeth, modules, jades, jewellery and other precise polishing.

12. Different grinding and buffing ways are designed for getting different polishing effects and there are some sandpapering for you to choose.

13. Inside with one fuse, no need to worried about the damage of machine.

14. Potable polisher: Equipped with quick?bistrique-loading mechanism, fine?locking effective, high speed.

15. Low variations, and safety with low voltage machine.

16. Power box: Stable power delivery, overloaded protection, effective converter, foot push,? non-polarized speed adjustment.

17. High speed, quick?polishing and quipped with rotate lock.

18. Warning: Please keep the equipment dry.


Name: Nail Drill Machine

Material: ABS

Color: pink, white, silver, black, gold(optional)

Input: 220-240 V, 50Hz

Output rated voltage: DC0-12V/18V

Working voltage: DC-12V/18V

Rated power input: 18W/32W

Rated current: 1.8A

Speed: 0-30,000rpm

Grip-handle function: twist-lock

Rotating: FWD / REV

Item weight: 945g / 33.33ounce / 2.08lb

Package size: 240 * 200 * 95mm / 9.45 * 7.87 * 3.74in

Package weight: 1200g / 42.33ounce / 2.65lb

Packing List:

1 * Electric Nail Drill Machine

1 * Handpiece

1 * Transparent Cup

1 * Foot Pedal

1 * Handpiece Stand

6 * Metal Grinding Drill Bits (with 6 sanding belt)

1 * English User's Guide

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