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full title: VACNITE Red Fake Rose Petals for Romantic Night, Weddings, 1200 Pcs Non-Woven Artificial Rose Petals(200 Pcs Heart Shaped Petals Included) - Large Size 2.4 '' x 2.4 '', Easy to Separate and No Smell

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【Easy to Separate & Durable】: The 30% EXTRA THICKNESS Non-woven material than the traditional silk fabric, allows you to separate the 1200 Pcs rose petals easily in a short time. Packed in a vacuum bag to ensure our petals will not deform like some of the separated petals during transportation. (TIPS: If you want to pull apart them in a shorter time, please follow the method shown in our main picture - Rubbing the petals back and forth firstly!!!)

【No Smell & Real-looking】: Our unique vacuum packing will not be affected by damp and prevents such beautiful rose petals from having any unpleasant odor. Material of the petal itself will not fade from sun or liquid. So our petals will always stay realistic. (Rose petals may look flawed when stacked together in a vacuum package. Rest assured, these petals will be so realistic after you separate them!)

【Save Your Money and Time】: VACNITE Petal size 2.4" by 2.4" are larger than other 2" by 2" petals. You can complete your most desired decoration in the fastest time with the fewest petals. The same number of rose petals, you will get more if you buy our rose petals. 1200 Pcs VACNITE petals cover about 43 square feet if spread evenly and are sufficient in most party-of-2 scenarios. Feel free to buy more to use in larger events such as wedding, ceremony, party, decoration, etc

【WYSIWYG】: Exclusive custom 200 Pcs new design heart shaped artificial petals as gifts for you! Add a new dimension to your romance! In addition to the vacuum packaging, we also included a zipper plastic package for easy storage and take.

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